Hi, I'm Becky Robbins.
I'm honored to invite you to take a trip through my world of creativity and what I do in my art.

I Wish...

A.I. + Hand Work by Becky
I Wish by Becky Robbins

Midjourney is a platform where I dove into the deep end and described (prompts) existing images I’ve painted. I watched the AI magic unfold. After the printed piece was completed, I added more of my signature connections to create this new experimental masterpiece. 

Meet Becky

My life is a series of cycles, also a cycle of series. This site is devoted to several years of exploration and discovery in the fields of the sciences including Biology, Botany, Space, and beyond. The images that I encounter become the basis of a piece and the line work between them are the theme of connectivity. It is a very personal process where the map of the meaning is concealed until well into the piece which is months in the making. Painting for me is like a ‘trust fall’ where I tackle an image on an unforgiving white background and when I encounter the familiar feeling of ‘what was I thinking?’ I know there’s no choice but to forge ahead and persevere. The reward is daily when the next layer of oil paint is required and the images come alive for me.

Where do my images come from? As an intrepid explorer of life automatically my eye is trained, camera in hand. Then occasionally I will find a photo or a creation from another person and the joy for me is gaining permission, then painting my version of the image into my piece and acknowledging and honoring the originator. This has brought great people into my life whom I shall introduce to you on this site. I have a neon sign in my studio that I had made: We belong to one another. This is my world.