Revolution of Consciousness

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Oil on Panel, 44″ X 44″

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The Latin phrase ‘Ad Astra per Aspera’ with its meaning ‘through hardships to the stars’ is a poignant description of our global time of great upheaval and change. At this time on our planet, the crisis has directly affected us all and the future is yet to be witnessed. While in Buenos Aires I visited the famous cemetery Recoleta where I photographed the angel placed next to this phrase and I remembered the tattoo I’d seen in a book by BangBang, the incomparable NYC tattoo artist who paired those words next to an angel. As this painting began, and before the pandemic circled the globe, this piece was weaving its theme that this Revolution of Consciousness was imminent.

The symbol left of center is stylized kanji for the concept of Kintsukuroi, better for having been broken. This also refers to the art of repairing pottery with gold added to lacquer. I am comforted by this belief. The mended hearts on a line touches me as I feel the tenderness of our world as it heals.

A subject that has intrigued me for some time is the concept of the golden ratio, also described as sacred geometry. The mathematical concepts include the Fibonacci numbers, the proportions in ancient architecture and paintings, and easy to see, the perfect spiral sequences in pinecones, pineapples, and nautilus shells. The list is infinite. I saw the drawing of the perfect nautilus that I painted into this piece that had been constructed entirely with exact mathematical equations and it was exquisite. My brain can barely comprehend the patience it took to create this and it’s illustrator, the incomparable Rafaul Araujo has other illustrations that are equally magnificent in a book I love, The Golden Ratio by Gary B. Meisner.

The beauty of the underwater images comes from the biologist and explorer, Ernst Haeckel whose life was devoted to discovering and identifying the creatures and living organisms of our planet. He did so with such magnificence in a book chronicling his life and illustrations, The Art of Nature. I wrote about my relationship with bees in the narrative for the painting, Solitude and Silence. Jump over to that page to learn more. And if you’re as enthralled as me, The Secret Life of Bees is a great read!

A favorite late author John O’Donahue in his book Beauty, reminds me of this: ‘We need to nurture the beautiful song of a bird, the glassy stillness of a lake, the tightly wound bud of a rose regularly, to rediscover the true sources of compassion, serenity and hope.’

We need a love revolution to exist. And here we are!