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Oil on Panel, 44″ X 44″

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It’s rare for me to find and paint an image that will define the entire work and when I saw the likeness of the woman in the center of this painting requesting silence, I knew it needed to dominate the piece. I’m a meditator and it has taken time and committed practice to gain access to the coherence between these magnificent brains we possess and our sacred hearts by consciously thinking thoughts that fill our hearts. In this way we connect to the Divine Universe where we can glimpse eternal Infinity. The dance of all these images come together to prove that above all… ‘Love has no uttermost’.

Ernst Haeckel, a 19th century biologist is described as ‘the artist in the scientist’. He dedicated his life to discovery and study of organisms and without the technology we now possess, he was required to illustrate his findings. My work is populated with his drawings that I’ve interpreted. Our shared belief is the symmetry and connectedness of all of Nature that exhibits itself everywhere. A book I love describing his life and showing his images is The Art of Nature.

The image of the astronomer within the eye, reminds us that the filter through which we see our inner world shapes and focuses our experience. The fabulous illustrator of the original image is Enkel Dika. Since you know my work, you know the octopus is my spirit animal. So please don’t eat them! The playing card with an octopus was granted


thanks guys!

Feature Two

And the bees!! In nearly every piece I paint, I want to remind us why we need them: honey bees, both wild and domestic perform about 80% of all pollination worldwide, this is what creates our food supply! In this piece I’m fascinated by the innate intelligence of the ‘dance’ bees perform to show one another where to find the specific flower patch! Amazing creatures! Some of my paintings are covered with layers of beeswax (encaustic) which feels like alabaster to the touch! Hence my homage to bees.

Several years ago while walking down a dusty dirt road in Rishikesh India, we passed by a vacant lot that had a concrete wall with plain white painted graffiti of this cow. I photographed it, tried to find the street artist through a local ashram (still trying) and when home, painted a 4 foot square version. While painting it, I had this flash that it was a sacred cow complete with halo, standing on a lotus flower! Amidst the solitude and silence that this painting represents to me, this cow needed to be included.

Perhaps this painting can speak to you of the one wild and precious life we have borrowed from Infinity and to stop for a few minutes to reflect on all that is good and full of grace.